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About Me

My name is Dee. I’m the hands and creative mind behind Bad Bunny Diceworks. I’m a tattoo artist in Joburg, South Africa (by the name of Steamed Rabbit, if you’re interested).

I’m from a lot of places, originally Zimbabwe, but found myself at Rhodes University, which is where I first played Dungeons and Dragons. I was hooked. After a few years of lying dormant, I bought myself the DM’s set of books, and started DMing for friends so that I could play again.

Now, I had a snake Monty. He was a python. He passed away and I was heartbroken. I had kept his sheds with the intention of using them in some art projects. After a while I really wanted them cast in my first custom set of dice for my first time DMing. I couldn’t really find a custom dice maker in SA, so I thought I would try my own hand at it. I was about to travel to Ireland where I could get generic moulds, I knew where to find resin as I’d used it before in crafts, I am very good at collecting crafty hobbies. It all fit! After some fervent Youtubing, some serious Instagram stalking of various custom dicemakers, and *a lot* of budget DIY trial and errors, I figured out a way to create my perfect set of Monty dice.


I create dice as experiments and “happy accidents” for the most part. I like to adventure a bit and experiment with my creativity. I do keep the out of stock dice up because you are definitely free to order a specific design again. If you like the one I made a trillion years ago that one time, send me a message and I’ll do my damndest to recreate it!

Are your dice balanced?

Handmade resin dice in general are not precision-machined to ensure an exact weight distribution, and for that reason alone I would not recommend using any handmade dice outside of a lighthearted TTRPG setting.

If and when I use inclusions in the dice that are not already made of resin, I do my best to center them so that the weight is evenly-distributed. Otherwise I try stick to inclusions of a very similar weight to the resin around it, to avoid any weighting.

Domestically, I use Aramex to ship orders straight to your door. I will have a tracking number for your order once it’s been shipped. I ship internationally from South Africa using DHL, and will provide you with a tracking number for your order once it’s shipped. Your dice will be packaged in dice boxes, cardboard, and shredding to keep them safe from chipping or cracking, while also being as environmentally conscious as possible.

Aramex orders can be expected within the week. DHL may take up to 14 days. Custom orders require an additional week or so, depending on workload. The timeline will be discussed individually via email. I do have a day to day job, which affects turnaround time, but I am very communicative and you’ll always be in the loop! If you have a deadline, I trust you to let me know!

I will offer full refunds for sets that arrive damaged or get lost in transit. I’ll do my best to set right any orders that are misdelivered due to an incorrect address, but it’s ultimately the customer’s responsibility to double check that the shipping address is correct on your confirmation email. Since these dice are all made by hand and not machined, they may include small imperfections such as microbubbles or rough edges from sanding down sprues and flashing: I try to make every set as perfect as possible, but I won’t accept returns based on these reasons alone.